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1.. ONLY ACTIVE people with 99% attendance will be able to play in M U T A T E D- MANDATORY days are : wednesday and thursday ,invites will start at 19:45 and well raid till 23:00 plus extend if necessary please make sure your irl schedule fits this raiding attendance ,if u can't pls don't bother to stay with us or apply to the guild.
2.. NO swearing and trash talking on vent or guild chat,respect your guildies and work as a team ,we can do great things as a team working together,i will be the only one that can point to people if they do mistakes,if u have something to add just whisper me.
3.. LOOT SYSTEM loot will be handed out with loot council and based on ranks,attitude and performance, and the higher ranks will be skipped if they have good gear and a trial looks promising and does a good job.
4.. NO slacking on DPS ,if u r raiding with us do your best to be a top DPS.Slackers will be REMOVED from the guild.
5.. DO YOUR BEST to find your best in slot items ,the best rotation and spec,after each patch things are changing and u need to find if something changed and if u need to respec do it.
"we need to be eager or have a strong desire to achieve something, such as fame or power!"

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